How to do hydroponic farming?

Hydroponics is a term that may be new to many due to its lesser spread. In particular, hydroponics farming is a contemporary form of combined gardening and farming that uses soft water with an optimal pH of around 6 to 6.5 along with an air stone or air pump to provide the necessary oxygen to support the roots that are growing to supply necessary nutrients and finally, the cravings. amount of light.

Advantages of hydroponics farming

Does this modern technology have a real purpose? Why would anyone choose this over traditional cozy planting? These questions may arise.

The top 10 benefits of hydroponics are:

Save water

Water consumption in hydroponics farming is at least 10 times less than in traditional farming. This helps fulfill the social motive of saving water.

 Promotes water recycling

The nutrient-rich water base once used to grow plants can be used again and again by adjusting its composition along with an appropriate amount of light and oxygenation.

Intact nutritional value

 Plants grown in hydroponics are rich in nutrients. In addition, plants can be grown anywhere using this technique, so fruits and vegetables can be grown close to your home or even restaurants, so you don’t have to transport them and keep them cool for use.

Superior performance

In a hydroponic system, the growth rate of plants is much faster than plants grown in soil. Technically, an increase in the growth rate of 30-50% can easily be observed, contributing to a higher yield or production.


Plants grown using the modern method are grown in a proper setup, making them suitable for growing anywhere. Therefore, farming in this category can be easily adapted to any part of the world, making it highly adaptive and conducive to climate change.

No weed

This system helps eliminate unwanted plants as the growth pattern of plants is not suited to weeds.

Free from floor problems.

Since there is no land use in this system, soil-related aspects such as verification of fertility, shape, erosion, etc. do not need to be considered.

Absolutely organic products

In the hydroponic system, the plants are grown without using any pesticides or fertilizers, making the product completely organic.

Agricultural products enriched with nutrients

The plants are grown in a good environment and fed with a nutrient solution that makes the product intact and rich in nutritional value.

Better than the traditional technique

All of the above points clearly show that hydroponics is in no way inferior to traditional farming, but far superior to it in terms of produce and health.


Today in this article I am telling you about hydroponics farming, what did you learn?
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