☘️ Introduction

Hydroponics is a highly advanced, most productive, soil-less method of farming, especially for growing vegetables in a controlled environment. The vegetables so grown are disease-free, fresh, nutritious, and delicious, without using any fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals. Vegetables can be grown within-in the home (indoor / rooftop/terrace/ground) or can be commercialized for a highly profitable business. Undoubtedly this is the future of New India. 

Akarshak Hydroponics has been recognized by renowned “Industry Outlook Magazine” as one of the top 10 Hydroponics & Aeroponics organizations in the country.

The company specializes in Naturally Ventilated as well as Forced Ventilated (Fan & Pad system) polyhouse farming projects at advisory capacity for turnkey projects. About such 20 farms have already been completed across the country.  

Hydroponics Farming in noida

🍀 Why go for Hydroponics farming?

1. The fast depletion of agricultural land in India.

Due to ongoing fast urbanization in the country, the available agricultural land across the country is fast depleting, which in Metro cities have already developed into a concrete jungle with no land left for farming/agriculture. In such a way, multilevel Hydroponic farming is the only alternative left.
2. Growing/Washing vegetables in polluted Yamuna / Hindan River beds.
It is a hard-known fact that in the Delhi area the vegetables are being grown/washed in highly polluted poisonous Yamuna/Hindan river beds. The vegetables are a serious threat to health, causing severe diseases like cancer. Growing own vegetables in available free space is the best solution to this problem.
3. Injecting/spray painting vegetables with harmful chemicals.
For the purpose to attract consumers to the vegetables, it is a common practice across the country for the vegetable producers to inject chemicals into the fruits for fast growth and higher weight, Vegetable suppliers apply poisonous harmful spray paints to give a shining look to the fruits, this is again a very serious matter causing health issues. Hydroponic farming is the best solution to all such problems.
🍀 Advantages of Hydroponic Farming (vs traditional farming)
  • The vegetables produced through this method are fresh, highly nutritious, delicious, and free of any disease.

  • The system requires the least of the labor as compared to traditional farming.

  • The water requirement for irrigation is hardly 10% as the same water remains in circulation through a closed-loop system.

  • As the crops are grown in a controlled environment, therefore, the off-season vegetables can also be grown when the price in the market is very high.

  • The organically produced nutrients, which are the essential foods for the plants, are mixed in the water in circulation and directly fed to the roots of the plants therefore the growth of the plants becomes very fast.

  • The average harvesting cycle is 35~40 days against 3 to 4 months in traditional farming, in this way 8~9 harvests can be taken in a year against 2~3 in traditional farming.

  • Farming with multilayers (6 to 7 layers simultaneously) above the ground makes it more productive thereby considerably reducing the ground area requirement

  • The soilless method makes it free of dirt, dust, or mud thereby maintaining utmost cleanliness.

  • The farming system can be conveniently installed and operated in any of the spare rooms in the house or terrace / unused rooftop can also be used for the purpose