Top 20 Microgreens

1- Mastered

  • A storehouse of antioxidants and minerals, Mustard Microgreen.
  • Prevents and fights cancer, Controls cholesterol level, Fights anemia, protects lungs, prevents arthritis and osteoporosis, Detoxifies the body

11- Rocket

  • The most loved gourmet salad leaf in its micro avatar isn’t just delicious but a lot more nutritious too. 
  • Builds immunity, Prevents & fights cancer, enhances athletic performance, Detoxifies the body

2 – Kohlrabi

  • The purple and green Kohlrabi Microgreen isn’t just gorgeous but is extremely healthy too.
  • Fights and prevents cancer, improves nerve and muscle functions, improves cardiovascular health, fights harmful free radicals, Builds immunity, Available variants – Purple & Green Kohlrabi

12 – Palak choi

  • Pak Choi Microgreen is known for its distinct and delicate flavour. It’s good for taste buds and great for health.
  • Fights and prevents cancer, strengthens bones, improves vision, Improves cardiovascular health, Anti-aging

3- Amaranth​

  • This gorgeous looking microgreen is a rich source of Calcium and Vitamin K. And here’s why it should be a part of your diet.
  • Keeps the bones strong and healthy, Controls blood pressure, improves vision, Makes hair lustrous and healthy,

13 – Kale

  • Kale Microgreen is gorgeous, delicious and extremely nutritious. It is loaded with antioxidants      and is   trusted for its anti-cancerous properties.
  • Fights and prevents cancer, Effective against common cold, maintains healthy bones, Detoxifies the body, protects heart, prevents anaemia Reduces the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts

4- Flax​

  • The tall and lean Flax Microgreen has a distinct nutty taste and a mild aroma of roasted coffee beans. 
  • Fights and prevents cancer, improves digestion, Keeps skin, hair and nails healthy, Controls weight

14 – Cabbage

  • Cabbage Microgreen is a beautiful garnish that’s highly nutritious too.
  • Effective against cold, cough and flu, Anti-inflammatory, Great for skin, Boosts brainpower, lowers cholesterol, Promotes gastrointestinal health Available variants – Red & Green Cabbage

5 – Sunflower

  • Sunflower Microgreen is a marvellous mélange of taste and nutrition. Comprising of a whopping 25% protein, it’s an excellent go-to Microgreen for vegetarians.
  • Maintains blood pressure, Fights congestion, Keeps the bones strong and healthy, Fights depression

15 – Chia

  • Chia is truly a superfood. A great source of plant-based Omega 3, Chia is also linked to reversing diabetes.
  • Boosts energy, builds immunity, maintains healthy cardiovascular system, Good for bones, Controls blood sugar, Fights & prevents breast & cervical cancers

6 – Beetroot

  • Beetroot Microgreen has a mild earthy flavour, gorgeous red stems and nutrients in abundance.
  • Fights & prevents cancer, Reduces the risk of gastric ulcers, Boosts stamina, makes skin smooth, radiant and ageless, Controls blood pressure, Boosts immunity, Improves vision

16 – Sesame

  • A great source of calcium and protein, Sesame Microgreens help in:
  • Maintaining healthy bones and teeth, controlling blood pressure, Detoxifying the body, restoring normal sleep patterns, Improving athletic performance, Weight loss

7 – Clover

  • A ladies’ Microgreen for sure, Clover is full of enzymes, minerals and vitamins that promote women’s overall health and wellbeing.
  • Treats hormonal imbalances, improves symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, Boosts bone mineral density, keeps you young and active, improves brain health, Improves skin quality

17 – Mizuna

  • The Japanese Mustard is lesser pungent than the regular mustard and is very good source of Vitamin A, C & K.
  • Builds immunity, loaded with antioxidants, improves vision, strengthens bones, Anti-cancerous, Reduces menstrual discomfor

8 – Radish

  • The spicy and mighty Radish Microgreen has essential vitamins, folates and other vital nutrients.
  • Fights and prevents cancer, maintains healthy cardiovascular system, helps in weight loss, Makes skin smooth, radiant and ageless

18 – Cucumber

  • This delicious microgreen tastes exactly like cucumber and comes with an array of health benefits.
  • A rich source of antioxidants, Helps improve brain function, Lowers the risk of developing cancer, Helps reduce stress and anxiet

9 – Broccoli

  • The mild flavour of Broccoli Microgreen complements your everyday meals as well as special delicacies. What’s more, it’s packed with essential nutrients and is rich in Sulforaphane (anti-cancer compound).
  • Strengthens immune system, Fights and prevents cancers, maintains healthy bones and teeth, Fights the harmful effects of air-pollution, Improves gut health

19 – Komatsuna

  • Also known as Japanese Mustard Spinach, these greens are a great source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Prevents the occurrence of diabetes, prevents premature aging, prevents anaemia, strengthens bones, maintains healthy cardiovascular system, Rejuvenates skin

10 – Basil

  • Basil Microgreen is known for its exotic fragrance. Add to that, it’s packed with nutrients.
  • Good for your gut, reduces inflammation, Promotes general good health

20 – Alfalfa

Mastared Microgreens

  • Also known as the ‘healing herb’ and ‘golden green’, Alfalfa is packed with a wealth of valuable nutrients and Vitamin C, that makes it an excellent immunity booster.
  • Increases energy levels, Fights anxiety and depression, Controls blood sugar, lowers cholesterol levels, Helps in weight loss